About Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais is a universal method for learning new ways of moving, sensing, feeling, posture and breathing. But the exciting part is, these new connections made in the body are also made in the brain. This masterfully designed method harnesses the neuroplasticity of the brain to bring about positive improvements  for individuals to improve their quality of life.

The method was created by Moshe Feldenkrais in the 1950’s and has two parts:

Functional integration ® hands-on sessions with a Feldenkrais Practitioner usually done lying on a table


Awareness through Movement ® group mat classes where a teacher verbaly guides you to explore various movements, ranging from basic to larger whole body movements .

Feldenkrais is for everyone

The Feldenkrais Method can help:

  • refine alignment and improve skeletal and muscle use
  • move beyond inefficient, repetitive patterns of moving and decrease pain
  • sense subtle movement distinctions and improve performance
  • enhance creativity and curiosity in your life
  • recovery of whole body function after periods of injury

Our bodys’ natural gracefulness and elegance is best fostered by a gentle approach that allows your nervous system to open up to the uniquely-designed suggestions that Feldenkrais presents.

You don’t ever have to force or strain your body.

Movement break-throughs happen when you release unnecessary muscle tension and old habits which prevent your body from moving as it was designed to move. 

Feldemoves helps you to reach for your goals

Perhaps you have always wanted to try salsa or swing dancing. You might be turned off trying new physical activities because of pain, or lack of physical confidence. You might even want your flexibility back and be able to get up and down off the floor more easily.

Joining  an `Awareness through movement class’ (ATM) or having a Functional integration lesson will help you see there are alternatives to the way that you usually hold yourself in standing and moving. By using less muscular effort and finding your skeletal alignment and connections you will experience more freedom and flexibility and decrease the pain associated with your usual movement habits.

Moshe Feldenkrais said the purpose of his method was to

“…make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant"

The Feldenkrais Method is a way to improve your physical performance. By increasing your body awareness and movement range, you can feel younger and more functionally able to try new physical activity, release your inner dancer or reach for your dreams and goals.

Why Feldemoves is close to my heart

I believe that acceptance and being kind to yourself combined with the ability to observe what is happening in your mind and body is crucial for positive change.

Experiencing life happens through our body as much as our mind. If we are in a relaxed state during a guided meditation, we don’t just think “I am relaxed”, it can be felt throughout our whole body. 

When I was younger I experienced some trauma, and it wasn’t until I studied Dance and Movement in my early twenties that I realised I had come back into my body after a long time. Getting to know my body again was a very nurturing feeling, like coming home.

There is no limit to how much awareness we can bring to our Mindbody experience. The richness of our embodied life is connected to the richness of our life.

Being present in our bodies, feeling grounded and balanced are all facets of the lived experience. There is so much to explore within ourselves, and as we do our connection to the world changes also.

I believe its time to claim your space, really be here in your body and be authentically you. There are always better options for being here. Are you going to settle, or welcome these positive changes into your life?

Nicole Harstead is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with Graduate Diploma in Movement and Dance. She has also completed a Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Arts.


Nicole offers private sessions, classes and workshops.

Functional integration ® (Private sessions) at Hobart Breathing Space 13b Goulburn Street Hobart

In Functional Integration, I will guide you through a movement lesson using non-invasive touch. You will learn how to reorganise your bodies actions in new and more effective ways through the experience of comfort, enjoyment and ease of movement.

During Functional Integration lessons I take a flexible approach and custom-tailor to lesson to what your needs are. Most often you will lie comfortably on a table designed specifically for the work but sometimes you will do a lesson in sitting and standing. I will also use various props to make you as comfortable as possible, and to make your movements easier.


Monday  morning 

Tuesday afternoon

Please call 0409896576 for more information and bookings


Awareness Through Movement classes ® and workshops at The Fourth Floor -65 Murray St Hobart 

The themes of classes and workshops are varied, Moshe Feldenkrais in his lifetime designed over 1000 lessons. Lessons include bringing attention to certain body parts such as pelvis and shoulders and ribs and the wide variety of movements you can do. This variety of movement is unique to Feldenkrais, and a form of novelty, not readily found in everyday life. Research into brain health and longevity suggests that the regular experience of `novelty’ is essential to a long happy life (Dean, N. 2018)


Tuesdays 6pm-7pm 

Please call Nicole on 0409 896 576 to book your place.


Workshops are often run throughout the year. Please send me a message and I will keep you informed of upcoming events.

Pricing & Bookings

Functional integration - individual sessions 

50 minute session- $110

A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended to: 

  • improve function in everyday life
  • establish helpful movement patterns

Please note: sessions are $100 for pension-card holders

*Direct debit installments can be set up for a help paying for a series more affordable.

Please call Nicole to book an appointment on 0409896576 

Payment by card or cash can be made on the day of your appointment.


Awareness through movement -group classes  

Classes are $170 for 10 lessons

Drop-ins $20 per session

Class blocks follow the school terms. Usually there are 10 classes per term. With 2 weeks break in between.

Awareness through movement workshops 

I will keep you informed of exciting workshops that I run throughout the year. Occasionally these will include dance as well as Feldenkrais.


Nicole Harstead, Feldemoves

Drukha Studio, 208 Warwick Street, West Hobart

Phone: 0409 896 576

email enquiries:

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Testimonials for Feldemoves

April 16, 2023

My experience with Nicole and her Feldenkrais practice has been wonderful.

Nicole is clearly a very passionate and knowledgeable physical therapist and has a deep understanding of how the body can work together to support you.
When I first started my classes with Nicole I was in a lot of upper body pain in my chest and arms.
This was the focus of the next 15 or so Feldenkrais sessions I completed.
We worked together on the connection between my upper and lower body, I learnt new ways of moving and standing that would support parts of my body rather than hurt them and focused on encouraging my body to be able to do movements without tensing up and causing pain.

Nicole has supported me to calm my nervous system and has improved my pain levels immensely.
I am very keen to continue my Feldenkrais journey with group classes and continue to notice the difference my home practice makes.

I cannot recommend Nicole and her practice more highly, she has been a wonderful support.

April 16, 2023

Nicole is an excellent Feldenkrais Practitioner, providing professional and caring treatment in her spacious studio.
The Pivotal Hip workshop brought attention to my years of bad habits.
A noticeable difference from the start of the session to the finish.

April 16, 2023

I saw Nicole for a chronic hip/lower back imbalance which has caused quite a lot of pain for many years.

Nicole was able to help me recognise postural issues which were exacerbating the balance and correct them.
Through this practise we “woke up” parts of my body for better movement integration. Life changing.
Nicole is also just really great humoured and creates a warm, safe space to learn.
Can’t recommend enough!

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